Faustin A. Pipal, Jr.

Client Reviews


“As an attorney, Mr. Pipal has handled many different types of personal injury cases while representing both plaintiff’s and defendants. As a result, his knowledge and objectivity cannot be doubted. Further, Mr. Pipal comes to all mediations very well prepared having thoroughly reviewed all submissions. During the mediation itself, Mr. Pipal has a friendly demeanor such that parties and their counsel cannot help but be relaxed which also increases the likelihood of settlement. Mr. Pipal is a skilled mediator who has helped us resolve a number of very complicated and substantial cases – many of which, I doubted settlement was possible.”
Scott Lane
Lane & Lane


“I am always happy to use Faustin Pipal as a mediator because he has done both plaintiffs and defense work during his career and is therefore sensitive to the issues faced by both sides. In addition, Faustin is very patient, hardworking, tenacious and respectful. He never loses his temper but also, in a very polite way, will not take no for an answer. I have settled many cases with Faustin that I thought would not settle and was ready to give up during the mediation. Finally, Faustin probably has the most interesting name (and nickname) of any mediator in Chicago.”
Mike LaBarge
LaBarge Campbell & Lyon, LLC


“A wonderful human being, especially for a lawyer! Bright, fair-minded and over all persistent! Great with claimants, and will not alienate anyone in the process.”
Alton Haynes
Haynes, Studincka, Kahan, O’Neill & Miller, LLC


“Faustin is a quick study. He gets it. He understands the issues, the parties’ exposure and the negotiating Art. He makes the participants feel comfortable with the process and works the case even after the mediation is over to make sure all sides follow-up with his recommendations. He has a high batting average at resolving cases at mediation or shortly thereafter.”

Stephan Blandin
Law offices of Romanucci & Blandin


“I have known Frosty for many years. He’s at the very highest character. I have had matters more so against him over the years. I have not hesitated utilizing him as a mediator and recommending him to others. He is truly fair and balanced and is the very best at closing a case.”
Mike Duffy
Childress, Duffy & Goldblatt, Ltd.


“On a number of occasions, I have utilized Faustin Pipal as a mediator. Faustin has batted 1000 on my cases due to his intelligence, preparedness, common sense and persuasive abilities. I whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend Faustin Pipal as a mediator for any type of case, no matter its complexity or magnitude.”
Mike McGowan
Smith Amundsen, LLC


“Faustin has a way of making the parties to a mediation comfortable with the process. Clients seem to understand and relate to his logical and patient approach to complex issues. While mediation can be frustrating, working with Faustin has always proven to be a pleasant experience.”
Larry Weisman
Goldberg, Weisman & Cairo, Ltd.


“Mr. Pipal is ideally suited to be a mediator. I believe his ongoing experience as a litigator helps him understand and evaluate cases. He also appreciates the pressures under which trial lawyers find themselves. He makes people, including clients, feel very comfortable and confident. He is most adept at helping to bring difficult cases with difficult clients to closure.”
Mark Johnson
Johnson & Bell, Ltd.


“As a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney, I’m always concerned about working with mediators suggested by the defendant. However, Faustin Pipal is an exception. Mr. Pipal always shows a great understanding of the issues raised by both sides of a dispute. From my standpoint, his greatest strength is being able to relate to all parties and personalities involved in complex litigation. Faustin Pipal is an outstanding person, who happens to be an outstanding mediator.”
Mark Brown
Lane & Lane


“I was satisfied with the entire Resolute process. Mr. Pipal was great and made everyone feel comfortable. I thank him for all of his efforts.”
Roselyn R. Pickett
Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin & Eads, P.C.